In this guide, we will go through deploying YOLOv8 applications using Salad cloud.

What is Yolo?

YOLO, which stands for "You Only Look Once," is a revolutionary technology in the field of computer vision, specifically in object detection. It is renowned for its exceptional speed and accuracy. Unlike traditional object detection methods that process an image in multiple steps, YOLO does it in a single pass. This unique approach enables YOLO to identify and classify various objects in an image or video frame quickly.

What's new in YOLOv8?

YOLOv8 stands out in the realm of computer vision for several compelling reasons, making it a top choice for your next project:

High Accuracy Metrics: YOLOv8 demonstrates exceptional accuracy, as evidenced by its performance on benchmarks like COCO and Roboflow 100. For instance, the YOLOv8m model achieves a notable 50.2% mean Average Precision (mAP) on COCO.

Developer-Friendly Features: The model is packed with features that significantly ease the development process. This includes an intuitive Command Line Interface (CLI) and a well-structured Python package, streamlining tasks that were previously more fragmented.

Strong Community Support: With a large and growing community around YOLO, especially YOLOv8, users benefit from extensive support and resources. This community presence is invaluable for obtaining guidance and sharing best practices.

Superior Performance in Diverse Scenarios: When tested against Roboflow 100, which evaluates performance across various domain-specific tasks, YOLOv8 shows a substantial improvement over its predecessor, YOLOv5.

Simplified Model Training and Usage: YOLOv8's design philosophy prioritizes ease of use. Unlike other models where tasks are dispersed across multiple Python files, YOLOv8 consolidates these processes, making model training and execution more straightforward.

Rich Resource Availability: Despite being relatively new, YOLOv8 is supported by an array of online guides and tutorials, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced practitioners in computer vision.

In summary, YOLOv8 is not only technically advanced but also user-centric, offering a blend of high accuracy, ease of use, and robust community support, making it an excellent choice for diverse computer vision applications.

Now let's deploy YOLOv8 solution on Salad