Requesting a Node Removal

Requesting a Node Removal

In the event that a salad node becomes blocked by a content provider, or for any other reason fails to meet your requirements, you can request that it be removed from the list of available IPs and replaced with a fresh node. At the time that the request is received, the node which is connected to the session ID in the request body will be removed.

If a node becomes unavailable, it will automatically be replaced with a fresh node.
For this reason, we recommend that you submit the node removal request as soon as possible after detecting an
underperforming node to avoid inadvertently removing a fresh node.

Submit a node removal request by sending a POST request to the following endpoint:$SGSID/removals

  • The SGSID will be shared with you before the trial period begins.

Set the Authorization header as below:
Authorization: Bearer saladProvidedJwt

  • The JWT will be shared with you before the trial period begins.

Response Codes

  • 202 Accepted - The removal request has been accepted.
  • 400 Bad Request - The request is malformed or missing required fields.
  • 409 Conflict - A removal has already been performed.

Example Request
This should be in the format application/json .
The only required field is the sessionId , which is equivalent to the $USER field described above.
Fields marked as optional are useful for Salad in preventing the use of nodes that may trigger a node removal request in the future.

// A required string representing the session identifier.
"sessionId": "eb40cca0-c17b-4de8-a850-ac510bc29c6c",
// An optional Unix timestamp (seconds) indicating when it was detected
as bad.
"timeDetectedAt": 1657639946,
// An optional string with the reason for removal.
"removalReason": "Reason for removal request.",
// An optional string with the specific service.
"service": "Example_Service"