How to deploy a Node App on Salad

In this guide, we will build a simple Node.js application, an image, and a container using the image then expose the local host using Cloud flare “Cloudflared” tunnels with free Cloudflare tunnels and deploy on Salad Container Engine (SCE)


  • A Node.js app that you have developed and tested locally
  • A Salad Container Engine(SCE) account
  • Git installed on your local machine

How to dockerize a Node.js application

Before we begin, let’s be sure Docker and Node.js is installed on our system.

If Docker is not, you can use the links below to download it based on your chosen Operating System (OS) :

To confirm if your Node.js has successfully been installed in your machine, open your (CLI tool) command prompt or desired terminal and type this command.
This will display the version of the installed Nodejs

node -v


This displays the Nodejs version