Monitoring and analytics platform that helps organizations monitor their applications, servers, infrastructure, and logs.

Datadog is a platform for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data. User need to generate credentials from Datadog and provide it to SCE.

To enable external logging service using Datadog, please follow the steps.

Step 1 : Create a Datadog Account

Go to the Datadog website and sign up for a Datadog account if you don't have one already. You can select a plan that suits your needs, and Datadog typically offers a free trial period.

Step 2 :Enable Log Integration

  • In the Datadog portal, navigate to the Log section in the right tab.
  • Inside the Log section, select the "Other" integration and choose "Fluentbit."
  • Copy the Host and API key.
Host and API key

Datadog(Host and API key)

Step 3 : Provide API Key and Host Information to SCE:

while container group creation or configuration process at salad portal, locate the "External Logging Services" section in Optional Settings.

  • Click “Edit” on External Logging Services.
  • In the sidebar appears at right, click on "Datadog" under the option of “Select a Container Logging Service”. Finally past the Host URL and API key that we generated from Datadog and simple click on “Configure”.
Configure Datadog credentials

Configure Datadog credentials

Step 4 : Complete Configuration:

Once the container is configured, you can deploy it by clicking on button “Deploy” and "Start".

Start SCE

Start SCE

Once you've started the container and it comes in running state, the logs will be seamlessly transmitted to the Datadog portal and you can view the logs at Log dashboard.

Datadog log dashboard

Datadog log dashboard



You have successfully enabled the external logging service using Datadog.