Container Logs

Once your container is up and running on a Salad node, you can view the logs from your container on the "Container Logs" tab of a Container Group. To access this feature in the portal, navigate to your Container Group details page, and click on the 'Container Logs' tab.

You can also navigate to this page from the Action menu of an instance, or form the instance detail page. These options will take you to the Container Logs tab with the Machine ID value pre-filled.

The Container Logs feature is an improvement on the Streaming Logs that are available when you click into the Instance Details page. The improved Container Logs feature provides a better UI experience and allows you to view historical logs across a Container Group, even when the group or instance is no longer running.

The simple interface is meant to provide you with enough visibility for basic troubleshooting of your applications running on Salad. For more robust logging functionality, we recommend configuring the External Logging Service option in your container group.

The feature allows you to query your container logs with these options:

  • search for specific log messages with case-insensitive string filtering
  • filter for logs from a specific Machine ID. If left blank, logs from all Machine IDs in the Container Group will be returned .
  • filter for logs in a specified time period. Choose one of the predefined options, or use the custom start date and end date option

When your query returns results you will see them in a scrollable table view.
Each result includes:

  • Log Message
  • Machine ID (The unique ID of the node running the container that created the log message.)
  • Log Create Time

Should your query yield no results, the table view will display "No data to display"

Availability and Limitations

This feature is available exclusively through the Salad portal interface, not accessible via the public API. It's in an early "Preview" stage, with the following considerations:

  • A maximum of 500 logs can be returned per query. Utilize specific query filters and time ranges to get the logs you are looking for.
  • Logs are retained and accessible for up to three months.
  • If you encounter this error message, try narrowing your query's time range

We hope that this new "Preview" feature creates the visibility you need into your container logs and will allow you to troubleshoot in real time. We will expand the capabilities of the feature over time, so let us know if there is something you would like to see!