August 2023

What's New

  • Portal UI update - We've updated the look and feel of the Portal! These updates also include additional search and sort functionality, more information about container groups, and streamlined navigation.
We've updated the look and feel of the Portal

Inhale the new paint smell at

  • Send requests to running containers with inbound networking support - We now support load balancedinbound networkingto running containers. Check out our documentation for details about enabling IPv6 and sending requests. You can access the networking configuration panel when setting up your container group deployment.
A screenshot showing the networking feature

Allow load balanced requests to your container instances with inbound networking.

  • Faster preparation of previously used images - We're now caching container images before deployment. This removes the need to wait until an image is pulled if the image has been used before. Additionally, public images are pulled and stored at the time the container group is created, making failures with the image source faster to detect and ensuring images with dynamic tags, e.g. "latest" running on the network are the same over time.
  • Deploying status - We've added a "Deploying" status to container groups to communicate that the container group has started, but no instances are running. See a full explanation of the container lifecycle here.
We've added a "Deploying" status

The new deploying status tells you when your container is... deploying.

  • Support for larger images - The maximum size for container images has been increased to 20 GB.
  • Reallocate an instance - Sometimes, a node has trouble running a container replica but doesn't outright fail. In those cases, it's helpful to be able to manually trigger a reallocation of the workload to a new node. With the new Reallocate feature, this is now easy to do.
You can now reallocate an instance when a node is having problems.

Reallocate to a new node with a single click! Well, two clicks. But still pretty easy.

Bug Fixes

  • Snappier Portal UI - The Portal now updates the status of container groups, recipe deployments, and individual instances more quickly. Previously, the UI would occasionally be slow to show status changes which could result in out-of-date information being displayed.
  • Billing Page Fixes - We received occasional reports of the billing page failing to load, or incorrectly showing the 'add billing information' message. This has been resolved.
  • General Enhancements - Beyond the fresh coat of paint, we've also made usability improvements and fixes to virtually every screen in the Portal, ranging from quality-of-life improvements like making it easier to add and remove environment variables to adding more consistent and helpful error messages across the app.

Known Issues

  • Unable to pull OCI images.
  • Networking requires containers to support incoming IPv6 requests. This is a WSL limitation, but we're working to make this step easier when configuring networking.
  • Spot an issue? Let us know at [email protected]