Deploy via portal

Here are steps to deploy your container using salad portal:

If this is your first time, be sure to sign up and register here or follow the guide here to setup your salad portal account

  • Select the Created Organisation.
    We are using "Salad Technologies"
  • Create New Project
  • Select Project "Demo"
  • Create New Container Group
  • Select "Public" and give the container a preferable name e.g. test
  • Copy your Container image tag.

Your image URL tag should be in this format :
This is a reference to a Docker Container image .

Here we are using an already existing image and click on "Next Container Resources"

  • Select Review & Deploy
  • Deploy Container Groups
  • Congratulations! Your Container is now running on Salad Portal
  • Review and see the status of your Container which is successfully "Running"


  • There currently a max image size of 10 GB (note: this may change)
  • We pull and store images at moment of container group creation, so if the image is modified they will have to create a new container group

Status of container groups with private images

  • While the image is being pulled and stored, the container group status will be pending
  • Once the image is ready, the container group status will change to stopped, and the container group can be started.

A few unique failures can occur with container images stored on private registries

  • Failure to authenticate: This will occur if we are unable to authenticate to the private registry with the credentials provided. Double check the credentials are correct and try again.
  • Failure to store: This will occur if we are unable to store the container image. This should be a temporary condition so try again.
  • Image too large: This will occur if the container image is too large. You will need to use a smaller container image.

If issues persist, please contact support here.